Screenwriter Iver William Jallah Talks New Feature Film ‘Blood Orange Moon’

Alex Gonzalez
2 min readSep 9, 2020
Director and screenwriter Iver William Jallah (left) and producer Jesse Porter will collaborate again on the upcoming feature film, ‘Blood Orange Moon’ | Image courtesy of Film Keyz Productions

Last year proved to be grand for Fort Worth-native filmmaker Iver William Jallah. Upon its premiere at Fort Worth, Texas’ Lone Star Film Festival last November, Grand Isle, on which Jallah was a screenwriter, received a Spotlight Award. Jallah’s feature film debut also received an honorable mention at the San Diego Black Film Festival.

Now, Jallah is set to return to the screen with his next film, Blood Orange Moon.

Blood Orange Moon incorporates elements of dystopia and surrealism, while providing an allegory on American culture and society.

“This is the type of film where I got to really explore my imagination,” Jallah says. “It started off as a simple game night comedy. I felt like it was OK, but right when the pandemic hit there was this war in society. It inspired me to raise the stakes in the film, to kind of an apocalyptic ‘zom-com.’”

With Blood Orange Moon, Jallah plans to cover topics like social justice, religion and human behavior. Production is set to begin next month, with Jesse Porter, Natali Jones and Kerry Graves as producers. Chuck Hatcher (Children of the Corn) will serve as the director of photography.

For the roles, Jallah went through The Linda McAllister Agency to source Dallas-Fort Worth-based…



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